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Employment Screening Resources is the firm that wrote the book on background checks, and is Accredited by NAPBS.

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Employment Screening Resources (ESR) is a leader in US and international background check, offering a wide range of pre-employment screening services. ESR is the firm that wrote the book on employee screening. ESR specializes in legal compliance, in addition to industry leading technology, accuracy, speed and customer services. ESR provides REAL background checks, and does not use cheap database substitutes, or endanger privacy by sending data offshore. See why so many firms use ESR.

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See www.ESRcheck.com for

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Employment Screening Resources is the firm that wrote the book on background checks, and is Accredited by NAPBS.

For training, education, course and videos on background checks, see: http://www.backgroundchecktraining.com/

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http://www.esrcheck.com/wordpress/ Teh ESR blog is your source for

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ESR only does one thing-- pre-employment screening background checks. ESR is not an Internet marketing firm in disguise, not a branch of a foreign owned company, and not a firm that dabbles in employment screening as a side business. ESR is the subject matter expert on employment screening and literally the firm that wrote the book on online background checks. As your SAFE HIRING PARTNER, ESR offers a professional service with high-touch professional customer service, as opposed to firms that are just low cost data vendors or mega firms where you are just another number. ESR does not take short-cuts such as sending applicant data off shore, using home operators or relying upon cheap and inaccurate databases instead of REAL BACKGROUND checks. ESR offers state of the art Internet technology. ESR specializes in criminal and civil court records nationwide, driving records, credit checks, social security traces, employment references, educational verifications, drug tests, and more.

Personal Description
ESR combines legal, human resources an security expertise to provide employers of all sizes across the US with industry leading pre-employment screening services. ESR staff members undergo rigorous training, and continual education in order to be experts in their fields.

See the ESR speaking and education schedule at http://www.esrcheck.com/ESR_Speaks.php

Accredited National Association of Professional Background Screeners (www.NAPBS.com)

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