Sturdy Homes Ltd. Co.


2417 Quincy St. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110

Tiny Container Type Homes, Modular Steel Prefabricated Homes and Custom Homes in many sizes and shapes. Affordable, Disaster Proof and long lasting with minimal maintenance made to order with exclusive arrangement with a very large factory in China with designs and final assembly in USA

Company Description
Sturdy Homes started construction operation in 2016 and singed exclusive agreement with Xiamen Steel of China. Installed steel structures in Cities, Ranches, Seasides and remotes mountain locations. Ready to provide mass public housing for low income and homeless population and grow to be one of the leading builders in the country by using latest technology that offers ease of construction with low labor input, time and cost savings that will withstand most natural disasters. Long lasting and affordable that will eliminate years off mortgage.

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Web Site(s)

Web Site(s)

Phone Number
Sales 888-883--1824 Administration 505-361-2062

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