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Owned and operated by Beverly Henkel to publish/market the new, original, patented beginner piano method, Piano ABC's (under maiden name, Beverly Grace Joy). Currently, publications consist of Piano ABC's Level One, Level Two, Level Three-A (soon to be published Three-B), Piano ABC's Theory Workbook, Piano ABC's Teacher Book for Level One, Lesson Plans for Beginning Piano Teachers of Beginning Pianists as well as about forty solo pieces for young pianists (beginner to early collegiate level).

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Piano ABC's (the beginner Method) takes a very different approach to note reading. Students easily learn to read notes and understand note reading concepts as related to notes on the staff and keys on the keyboard. A comprehensive approach to counting and rhythm is presented, including learning to conduct, exercises with easily drawn graphic/proportional shapes, writing in counting with increasingly complex examples, tapping/counting, conducting while tapping and counting, and other ways of facilitating the integration of meter/rhythm comprehension intellectually and physically. Target market would focus on teachers of all ages who are ready for a more effective approach for beginning pianists and home schooling parents who are proactive in selecting superior learning materials for their children. Outstanding recommendations have been received from nationally and internationally acclaimed pedagogues.

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